How does the ancient city of Haran play into Bible history? Haran was the city which Abraham's family settled in after leaving Ur of the Chaldees. Abraham's father Terah took Abraham and his brother Nahor with him to Haran following the death of his son who coincidentally was also named Haran. Haran was Abraham's brother and Lot's father (Lot was Abraham's nephew). After staying in the city of Haran for sometime the Lord called Abraham to leave the ancient city and to travel to the land of Canaan, just south of Haran. Canaan was to become his inheritance and was passed on to his descendants, the Children of Israel.

When it came time for Abraham's son Isaac to get married, Abraham sent one of his servants back to Haran to choose a wife for Isaac from among his family there. Abraham's son Isaac ended marrying Nahor's granddaughter Rebekah.

When Abraham's grandson Jacob fled from his brother Esau he traveled to Haran where he lived with and worked for his uncle Laban (Rebekah's brother). There he fell in love with his cousin Rachel who he later married along with his cousin Leah.

In short, the city of Haran became home to Abraham's family after their migration from Chaldea. Abraham's leaving Haran for Canaan is an important event in Scripture; it serves as the first recorded instance of Abraham's unique trust and obedience to God.

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