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Frequently Asked Questions 2 on Archaeology

            • Jericho and Ehud - What did archaeologist John Gartang excavate at Jericho? What is the meaning of his discovery?
            • Jericho and the Jordan River - What is the significance of the Jordan river? What has archaeology told us about its history?
                                          • Ancient City of Ephesus - Check out this short video clip on the ancient amphitheater that seated 24,000 people in Ephesus.
                                          • Ancient Laodicea - Watch this great, but concise, video clip on Laodicea which is located in the Lycus River Valley of western Asia Minor, near the influential, ancient cities of Hierapolis and Colossae.
                                          • Ancient Pergamum - Ancient Pergamum was considered a major city in Asia Minor since the 3rd century BC, and became a Greek and Roman hub for worshipping Aesclepius, the god of healing, and Serapis, the Egyptian god of the underworld. Look at this image of Pergamum.
                                          • Ancient Philadelphia - Take a look at this picture. Philadelphia was known for its variety of temples and worship centers. Due to a series of ancient earthquakes, there isn’t much left of ancient Philadelphia, and archaeology is limited to foundation stones and a few Roman columns.
                                          • Ancient Sardis - An awesome short video clip on the gym complex in ancient sardis. Watch the book of revelation come alive. You have to see this!
                                          • Ancient Smyrna - Check out this incredible video clip on ancient Smyrna of the book of Revelation. Since Izmir is a bustling city with the second largest population in Turkey, very little of ancient Smyrna has been excavated.
                                          • Ancient Thyatira - An image of the ancient city of Thyatira. Thyatira was known for its textiles and dyeing trade, evidenced by a number of artifacts and inscriptions. Today, it is known as the bustling city of Akhisar.

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