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Archaeology -
What is it? How does it uncover history? What can we learn from these fascinating artifacts? Discover awesome things that reveal hidden truth.

Al Khazneh
What is the significance of the breath-taking treasury in Petra? What is the history? Discover for yourself here.

Arad is located slightly east of Beersheba. What is significant about it? What has been discovered there?

Ark Of The Covenant
What's the biblical basis for this relic of adventure and mystery?

Is Beersheba significant in the Bible? Why does it say From Dan to Beersheba? What have we learned from archaeology?

What is the significance of this town? What biblical events occurred here? Study the prophecies and their fulfillment.

Bethlehem Video
Ray Vander Laan describes Bethlehem as it was during the time Jesus was born. What do we know about the location?

Bible Archaeology
The evidence for the ancient cities and empires of the Bible.

Bible Archaeology Video
Randall Niles goes on a journey from Treasure Hunting to Soft Science.

Biblical Archaeology
The Bible proves credible again and again as archaeologists uncover corroberating artifacts.

Biblical Archaeology Video
Ted Wright tells us the role of archeology when it comes to apologetics. What is the importance?

Caesarea Maritima
This city was built to display the greatness of Herod and Augustus? What has been discovered here? Learn the archaeological significance.

Caesarea Philippi Video
Peter's Confession at Banias. Randall Niles looks at the biblical significance of Caesarea Philippi to Jesus and his disciples.

The name of this town comes from the Hebrew Kfar Nahum, meaning village of Nahum. What has been found in this ancient town?

Capernaum Video
Greg Laurie speaks from Capernaum, where Jesus lived and based his public ministry in Galilee. What do we know about the location?

Carbon Dating
What are the facts? What are the assumptions? How accurate is this popular dating technique? Decide for yourself.

Carbon Dating 2
How do scientists use this relatively rare radioactive isotope to determine how long ago an organic specimen died? Find out more.

Chorazin Video
Randall Niles stands in the ancient synagogue where Jesus taught above the Sea of Galilee in Israel.

Churches of Revelation Video
Stream this short video clip from ColdWater Media on the incredible seven churches of Revelation. This Rocks!

City of Petra
Find out about this culture and how they developed the ancient city. Where do they fit in history?

Where is this city listed? What is the history? What can we learn about this ancient city from archaeologists?

Dead Sea Scrolls
What do these ancient texts tell us about the timing and legitimacy of the Messianic prophecies?

Dead Sea Scrolls 2
Learn why this compelling and historic find is so very important. Discover the best proof of divine inspiration: perfect prophecy.

Dead Sea Scrolls 3
Basic information and background on this dramatic discovery. Why is it so important?

Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit Video
Randall Niles visits the Israel Museum in Jerusalem where many of the Dead Sea Scrolls are stored, including the Great Isaiah Scroll.

Dead Sea Scrolls Video
Randall Niles goes on location to tell the story of the Essenes and the ancient Jewish scriptures hidden in caves above the Dead Sea in Israel.

Ein Gedi
Where is En Gedi and is it mentioned in the Bible? What significance does it have in biblical history?

What significance do archaeologists put on this valley? Why is there so much importance?

Learn about this monastic Jewish community. What sacred writings did they protect and preserve? What is the significance?

Evidence For Jesus
When it comes to archaeology, is there any evidence for Jesus? Do we have actual sites or artifacts that testify to the historical truth of Jesus Christ?

Evidence for Jesus Video
You have got to see this short video! Stream it now! What's the archaeological evidence for Jesus? Is there any archaeology from the time of Christ?

Exodus Route
Where did the Hebrews travel as they left Egypt? Find out various routes that have been considered through the years.

Exodus Route Video
Follow Ray Vander Laan as he shares the long difficult route from Egypt to the Promise Land. What were the struggles?

Galilee Boat Video
Randall Niles visits the restored first century find known as the Jesus Boat on the Sea of Galilee in Israel.

Has this site been excavated regularly? What has been discovered? When? What can we learn from the excavations?

Giza Plateau
Learn about this area of Egypt and what can be seen here. What are the significant things to see and what impact did they have in history?

Learn who traveled these ancient roads and impacted this area of the world. What is the significance in history?

What is the significance of this massive city northwest of the Sea of Galilee? What can we learn from archaeology?

Herod the Great
What can archaeology teach us about this great builder? What kind of a man was Herod? What does the Bible say about him?

History of the Rosetta Stone
Where was it located and what is the significance? What impact has it had on the study of hieroglyphics?

Who inhabited this ancient city? What have the excavations taught us about its history? What about Joshua and the great battle?

Karnak Temple
The Karnak Temple is one of the most incredible ruins of the ancient world. What is the significance?

Kidron Valley Video
Randall Niles looks up at the Golden Gate on the Temple Mount of Ancient Jerusalem.

King Tut Throne
Study this magnificent article that was found among the treasures discovered in 1922. What is the significance?

What tablets were found here? What is the significance of these tablets? What is the evidence of its first inhabitants?

What is the history of this location? What has archaeology and history told us of its significance? What does Masada stand for today?

What major battles occurred in this valley? What do the artifacts say? What has been discovered?

Megiddo Video
Randall Niles explores Solomon's Gate entering ancient Megiddo just above the Jezreel Valley in Israel.

Moses and the Exodus
Are there contradictions in the timeline? Find answers and learn more about the exodus of the Hebrews out of Egypt.

Moses and the Exodus Video
Ray Vander Laan takes us on a journey through Sinai and Israel to discover how Jesus called people to live in the Promised Land.

Mount Sinai
What is the significance of this location in biblical archaeology? Can we learn from the archaeological finds?

Mount Sinai Video
An 80-year-old man, Moses climbed Mount Sinai at least four times. Watch Ray Vander Laan and his team climb a nearby mountain and share in Moses' journey.

What is a Patriarch? How does someone get this status? What can we learn from biblical patriarchs?

What is the history behind this remarkable location? What is the present site used for in today’s culture?

Petra the Ancient City
Why do the fascinating remains of remote cities always seem to entice our imagination? Learn about the discovery and inhabitants.

Pontius Pilate Video
Randall Niles reads from Pilate's dedication stone to Tiberias at Caesarea on the Mediterranean Sea in Israel.

Qumran Caves Video
The Caves at Qumran above the Dead Sea in Israel. Randall Niles views Cave 4 at Qumran, discovered in 1952. This is one of the famous caves where the Essenes hid the Jewish Scriptures during the first century.

Why is Samaria called the watchtower? What is it about the location that makes this understandable?

Sea of Galilee Video
Randall Niles scans the shoreline near Ancient Genesar Harbor during a major drought in 2008.

Seven Churches in Revelation
Do the seven churches in Revelation refer to literal churches? If so, do they also have spiritual significance for churches and believers today? Watch these short video clips!

Who visited this location in Old Testament times? What is the city known for? Can we learn from the archaeology?

Shroud Of Turin
Evidence from scholars and skeptics. What is the truth? Who is credible? Was this the cloth that covered Jesus?

Shroud of Turin Video
Watch the History Channel's The Real Face of Jesus from the Turin Shroud. What is this shroud?

Tabgha Video
A View of the Sea of Galilee above Tabgha. Randall Niles looks out from the hillside where the masses listened to Jesus teach.

Tel Dan Video
Randall Niles explores the ancient stronghold of northern Israel at the headwaters of the Dan Spring just below Mount Hermon.

Temple Mount Jerusalem
Why is the archaeology found on the Temple Mount so significant? What are the major events of this site?

Temple Mount Video
Randall Niles views the Temple Mount of Ancient Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives across the Kidron Valley.

What is important about this location? What archaeological significance does this city have? Learn more here.

Tower of Babel
Learn the basics of the story and how the people built this tower. What was its purpose? Why did the people build it?

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