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Near the Giza Plateau

QUESTION: Near the Giza Plateau -- Dahshur


About 30 miles from Cairo and the Giza Plateau is Dahshur, the necropolis -- or city of the dead -- that serviced the Memphis metropolis. Dahshur is just south of Sakkara, and is known for its very ancient pyramids.

Near the Giza Plateau – The Bent Pyramid
Dahshur is known primarily for the Bent Pyramid of Sneferu. The Bent Pyramid was built in the 4th Dynasty of ancient Egypt, and was the first attempt at building a “true” pyramid. This first attempt at building a true pyramid ran into some structural problems during construction, and required a significant reduction in slope half-way up.

Near the Giza Plateau – The Red Pyramid
Dahshur is also known for the Red Pyramid. Also called the Northern Pyramid at Dahshur, the locals refer to it as the Red Pyramid, because of the rusty-red hue of the stones. The Red Pyramid is considered the first successful attempt at constructing a true, smooth-sided pyramid. After the pyramids of Khufu and Khafra at Giza, this is the third largest pyramid in Egypt.

By the way, the Red Pyramid wasn’t always red – It was actually covered in white limestone, until it was pilfered stone-by-stone in the Middle Ages for building projects in Cairo.

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